What to Drink with Ramen

[Reprinted in part with permission from SeriousEats.com]
sake_japanese_rice_wineUntil we started planning Ramen Week, we hadn’t spent a ton of time thinking about the best possible drink to pair with our favorite soup noodles. Often, the choices are cheap beer…or other cheap beer.

But if you find yourself in the lucky position of having a menu full of choices, or you’re gearing up for making the ultimate ramen meal at home, the options can be daunting. Ramen can be tricky to pair: there’s the stock and noodles to consider, but also the flavors of the pork on top and other toppings including eggs, preserved vegetables, spices, and maybe even chili oil. We turned to a few pros for their recommendations. Here are their picks for the best beers, wines, sakes, and other drinks to try with each style of ramen.


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